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LUMINO is a project by charismatic artists who have dedicated their lives to performance arts. In LUMINO  has traveled around the world with their Fire Shows and Visual Juggling and LED performances. 

LUMINO is inspired by Asian cultures with Japanese touch and spiced up with Indian elements. LUMINO wants to create unique performances with unseen fire props, martial arts movements combined with circus skills and new style juggling techniques. LUMINO started as a project to bring performances for street theatre festivals and then expanded to perform in the events and festivals worldwide. 

LUMINO Artists are soulful and passionate performers who loves flames more than anything.

LUMINO, Fusion of Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian power with oriental twist


LUMINO is a project by Yanika Beliza from Finland and Luke O´Connell from Australia. They both love creating new unique performances to bring something never seen before to the world. They both fell in love with the beauty of of the flame since child and followed their passion ever since. 

While watching them perform you will truly feel their deep passion and dedication they have put in every moment in their performance. Yanika loves dance movement and practice in fire arts. She started fire juggling as 16 years old. Luke is an martial arts master and has incorporated martial arts movements gracefully together with his powerful fire performance style. Together they are dynamic power duo traveling the world amazing their audiences far and wide.

A show group with flame in their hearts, strength in their bodies and courage in their souls!


Yanika Beliza

Hula Hoop Artist

Fire performer
Hoop Dance Instructor

Yanika has been fascinated by the circles and sacred geometry ever since she fell in love with asian cultures. She thrives to combine powerful dance expression to her hoop dance and circus style multi hooping tricks 

Luke O´Connell

Fire Performer, acrobat

Specialised in martial movement
Combined with a fire show

Luke hails all the way from Australia and brings his strong performance style together with extensive experience with martial arts, clever use of fire props and acrobatic skills 


Street Art Festivals:                                                                                                       Contracts and special events:

Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria                                                                                    Maldives, Christmas time shows

Villach Street art festival, Austria                                                                               Lumen Creations, Switzerland                   

Pflasterzauber, Germany                                                                                                  Street Theatre Festivals, Belgium

Gauklerfest Schweiss, Switzerland                                                                             Outdoor theatre festivals, South-Korea

Chuncheon Mime Clown Festival, South-Korea                                                     Horse Race Champions, Dubai

Asflatart, Italy                                                                                                                       World Cup, Turkey

Satu Mare Street Music Festival, Romania                                                               Corporate events, Japan

Schloss Spektakel, Germany                                                                                           Jongle O´Pais, France

Bamberg Zaubert, Germany                                                                                            Universal Studios, Singapore

Wien Buskers, Austria                                                                                                        CoArt, tour across China

ZaubererFun, Germany                                                                                                    Wintervarietee Mittendorf, Germany

Strassenkunst Werne a di Lippe, Germany                                                                Christmas celebrations, Andamans

Feldkirch, Austria                                                                                                                  Burning Man Festival, USA

and many many more...

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